Sunday, August 10, 2008

New Blog/Blood-Pleas/Please

Up until a couple of weeks ago, I was a regular weekly contributor to the music blog, Nonalignment Pact. I have stepped away for a number of reasons that I won't go into, but suffice to say that I have no intention of slowing down my writing output as a result. In fact, if it is all all possible, I intend to focus much more heavily on my writing in the future.

Moving forward, part of my plan is to start a new blog project. While writing about music is fine (and don't buy the retarded 'writing about music is like dancing about architecture' horseshit, that's just lazy), I spent a great deal of time in the NAP trying to think of ways to incorporate the rest of the flotsam in my useless brain into my posts.

I began to entertain the idea of starting something that covers more of what I am interested in to not only give a more accurate view of what sort of world I see around me, but also to give myself an opportunity to incorporate the world of books, film, culture, misanthropy, and all other manner of hateful ranting to my heart's content.

This is a venture I don't intend to undertake alone.

This means I need help. Whatever you've got. If you want to participate, or are the least bit curious, then listen up:

I need writers. That means you like writing. It doesn't mean you are Shakespeare, or a grammar teacher, but it does mean that you need to have a voice and you need to be able to be honest with not only the rest of us, but more importantly, yourself.

I would like to have a stable of writers who will agree to commit to at least two posts per month.

These posts can come in two consecutive days, and they could come on the first and last day of the month. I don't care, but I do want you to consider that this is at least a small commitment for you.

Write about whatever you want. That means, pretty much anything. If I have to put up a disclaimer in order to allow you the freedom to express yourself without offending the rest of us, I will. Just say it loud.

I also would love either some literal help, or if not, then some good pointers as it relates to both design and layout. I will most likely stick with Google and thus Blogger as I like the interface just fine, it's free, and it links up quite nicely with my Gmail account (Google Docs, Calendar, etc...).

Little is off the table as far as ideas go. So if you read this, are interested, and have ideas, let me hear 'em. I'm all ears.

Most importantly, I am well aware that practically no one reads this blog, and that the few who do are either already disposed, uninterested, secretly hate me, or worse...

Still, think of all the ways that we could piss people off, people who so deserve it, and think of all the things that need to be said, because that's what I'm after.

And I am the dictator. This will be no simpering democarcy without any actual decisions ever being made so that no one can ever actually be happy at all. If I get tired of whoever you are, I reserve the right to make bye bye.

There, that ought to pull you in in droves.

I will be waiting for your prompt responses.

God, I hate you all.

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Wednesday said...

That's close to being an interesting prospect.

But you'd have to tickle my teet just a little.